Volunteering: A Beginning path of Professional growth

Thousands of immigrant women professionals leave their well established working life and move to USA with their spouse. They get depressed in the initial months when they realize their visa does not allow them to work and gradually increasing gap in the employment history leads to more frustration.

Volunteering is a good way to illuminate your darkness of idleness. Dedicating your time as a volunteer in the community is a wonderful way to network with people and get recommendations. It is also a good way to build your professional experience, explore new career and get adjusted in the US work environment. It will not only keep you busy but also boost your self confidence. Gap in your resume can be offset by mentioning about your volunteer experience .

Good thing about volunteering is that you have no visa restrictions. However, it is important to make sure from your employer that your work has a volunteer status and it is not replacing a paid job. There are various popular websites which offer Voluntary jobs matched to individual’s skills and interests. Few of them are as follows:







Don’t wait till the time you get a job. Start volunteering today!

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