Richa Goel’s Story

JuhiIn December 2008 when my husband accepted an offer and decided to move to USA on H-1B visa, I was employed with Sun Microsystems India. My daughter was just one month old and I was on maternity leave. For the best benefit of my family, especially the little one, I decided to resign from my job to immediately join my husband in USA on H4 visa. I hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Engineering and was working for last five years and had also worked in USA for a short period of three months on L-1B visa previously.

While in USA, I was enjoying my full time role of mother and homemaker and I was sure not to get back to working till my daughter would be big enough to be sent to full time daycare or school. However I still updated and uploaded my resume on Job search sites like Dice, Monster, Indeed etc. Also I forwarded my resume to all my old colleagues in India who were working for MNCs so they could forward it to their companies for a suitable job opening in USA. Additionally I emailed my resume to a few consultants including the one through which my husband had got a job. I used to get plenty of emails and phone responses from consultants and companies but it never made to even first round of technical interview because of my visa status and job location.

I was never disappointed and continued to update my resume to keep it current . I also started enquiring with other working women in my neighborhood and friends circle to understand if I will have to undergo a degree or course to get onto OPT etc which could help me in getting a job. I was certain not to get back to working or studies till my daughter turns two but wanted to use this time to decide on how to get back to working afterwords. Year 2010, I started to get few calls and as usual I told them about my visa status but that year Visa quota for India was still not full and few companies and consultants were ready to sponsor me for H-1B so I was interviewed over phone. I didn’t make thru 2-3 phone interviews but every phone interview helped me to prepare better for next interview. In August 2010, I got call from a company HR which had a job opening where my previous job experience exactly matched to what they were looking for. I had a technical telephone interview and then face to face and yes I got the job.

October 2010 my daughter turned two and I settled her to a full time day care center and started working in December 2010. All in all I believe my continuous positive attitude and putting efforts in every direction possible helped me to get a job in USA.

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