Mansi Jindal’s story


“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.”  – Harvey Fierstein

I truly love interacting with people and always want to be in a social circle. I got married in February 2012 and joined my husband in Germany after two months of our wedding. My family members were worried as I was traveling internationally for the first time and that too alone. I still remember those magical words which my mom said to me when I boarded the flight. Her words were, “Now you are going to build your own nest and you will be writing your own book, just believe in yourself.” Tears rolled off my eyes after hearing those encouraging words.

Before going to Germany, I had thought of few things that I wanted to pursue. But the biggest roadblock in my plans was that I didn’t know German. It is utmost important to know German language to survive in Germany because very few people speak English. Therefore, I enrolled myself at Max Planck Institute, Saarland to learn the basic German. Being part of the institute, I got the opportunity to interact and communicate well with local people  The course kept me occupied for two months. But after the course got over, I didn’t have much to do and I  I was idle for a month and felt like I am getting lost. My husband, who has always supported me in the professional career, helped and motivated me at that time as well. He believes that one should do things that he/she enjoys most. Through him that I got to know about the online courses offered by I found few courses very interesting and I soon enrolled for two courses and I was happy to be busy once again developing new skills and gaining knowledge.

Instead of attending online courses of coursera from home, I decided to go to Saarland University every day to attend the courses and complete my assignments. I found it beneficial due to two main reasons. Firstly, I got the atmosphere of a university and secondly, I got the chance to socialize and interact with people in the university to further improve my German language. Now I had devised a fixed routine from morning to afternoon. Besides my online classes and assignments, I also joined sports classes to keep myself fit and healthy. As I am a food lover, experiments in kitchen at home kept me occupied in the evening. So, it all went nicely. Then, one day I got to know that we will be moving to US as my husband received an offer from MIT. We were very excited and happy to explore this new venture. So we packed our bags and flew to Boston. It felt like dream come true for my husband.

I knew that I will have to face many uncertainties and deal with many issues upon reaching Boston. One should have correct approach and belief in oneself to excel in a new environment. We found our new house in April 2013 and after the initial phase of unpacking all the stuff and setting up things, I felt lost again. I had no clue where to start and how to start. I started feeling lonely and depressed as my husband was busy with his schedule and I had nothing to do. Now everyday was same for me and I didn’t even realize that my smile was lost. My husband did notice this change and advised me to explore things around and he even introduced me to the MIT Spouses & Partners website which proved to be  a pure blessing for me. The very same day I explored the site and also contacted Ankita and Jennifer through it. To my surprise, I did get positive welcoming response from both of them on the same day.

I make sure not to miss any of its Wednesday meetings as I feel it is the best place to meet people and make friends. In the first meeting itself, Jennifer introduced me to Shruti and from that day itself I felt like I have many options to explore here at MIT. I couldn’t stop smiling after attending its first meeting. :) I truly enjoy all its meeting and consider myself lucky to be the part of this vibrant group.  I find myself quite fortunate to have Ankita and Shruti by my side as they allowed me to hold their hands to climb up the first step of my career. They both helped me in every possible way to explore opportunities.  Now I feel things would have been very difficult if I would not have met them.  As my background is in Human resources, they also introduced me to some volunteer opportunities matching my profile. Now I am happily volunteering at Career Collaborative as a practice interviewer and have also joined one more place to volunteer in my area of interest.  Now, I am also a part of Orientation committee of MIT Spouses & Partners.  As I have J2 visa, I applied for my work permit and now finally I have received my work permit authorization. Now my schedule is busier than my husband.

In sum, I just want to say that nothing is impossible; you can do anything. Nobody can stop you, if you have three things, i.e., belief in yourself, passion and patience.

Follow your dream what you want to be, some or the other day it will come true and you will be thanking God.

Mansi Jindal

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  1. Ramya Nagaraja
    August 25, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    Happy to know you got work permit as well, Mansi. And being busier than the husband – I love that:) Best wishes!

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