TOEFL tips by Shipra Sharma


If you are taking the TOEFL exam after the GMAT, it is a cake walk. Still, the format is different from GMAT thus it does need some training and practice.

This test is required for all international students trying to get admission in a US school. I took the TOEFL iBT (internet based test) but there is an option to take the paper based test in areas where iBT is not available.



Reading – 3 to 4 passeges
Listening – 6 to 9 passages
Speaking – 6 questions
Writing – 2 questions


The Official Guide TOEFL iBT book is the winner all hands down. I think going through this book in its entirety is enough to get through the exam with flying colors.

I strongly advise practicing the speaking section by speaking out loud and recording your voice. Later listen to your answer and repeat until perfect. For the speaking practice, I used a trial version of ‘Audacity’ software.

Remember that unlike the GMAT exam, during the TOEFL test there will be a lot of noise as other test takers might be in the speaking section before or after you. I kept my headphones on throughout the test to help in some noise cancelling.

All the Best !!

Shipra Sharma
From India
TOEFL Score 114/120 (Year 2011)
MBA Candidate at University of Michigan Ross School of Business, Class of 2014


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