Have you ever thought of writing a blog?

Blog is a personal website or webpage where an individual updates his/her opinion on regular basis. It has become very popular over the past few years. It is a great platform for an individual to share their expertise on specific topics. Over the years it has turned out to be one of the greatest assets for many individuals.

It certainly is one of the best ways for dependent spouses to build their personal brand which in turn would help them get noticed in their job search. Through blogging, you can market yourself to your prospective employer. In “About Me” section of the blog, you can give brief introduction about your qualifications, professional experiences, skill sets, etc. This page could be your online resume and if you follow a dedicated routine of posting the blog, it would show also your prospective employer that you are organized and structured.

Strong verbal and written communication skills are required selection criteria for most of the employer. Through blog, you can improve your writing skills. If you will post your blog on regular basis, you will certainly improve in your writing, grammar and research skills. These skills play very important role in any professional career.

Networking plays an important role in job search and blogging is also one of the great networking tools. You will meet new people who share the same interests as you which in turn would grow your professional network. Writing a blog would also help in building identity on social platforms by providing an RSS feed to a Twitter account, LinkedIn profile etc. Social networking sites are also powerful networking tools. This would also multiply the chances of being noticed by your prospective employer.

 Blogging also helps in earning money. There are several ways to monetize through blogging.  Google Adsense program is one of them. It is a great program for bloggers, as they can display ads in their blog site and earn money from the number of clicks over these ads from their visitors.

 You can blog about the knowledge gained from your career/education/experience so far. However, it is not necessary that your blog needs to be career related. You can write a blog on anything. If you like travelling, write one blog on each city/tourist attraction you visit. If you like photography, food, dance, drama, etc., you can also share your experience through blog. Initially, you might face some issues but once you start writing, you will start enjoying it as writing gives a structure and direction to the random thoughts that come to your mind.

It’s also important to note that running a successful blog takes lot of dedication, time, perseverance and hard work. Success does not happen overnight. If you will write out of passion and dedication, then the success, fame and money are bound to happen. Celebrate every small achievement of your blog like every new follower, new like or comment, and use it to move to the next step. It certainly needs lot of effort but in the end the reward could be a step closer to your dream career. So, why not start a blog today.

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