Help Anna study the situation of people going through transition

Going through a transition

How does it feel going through a transition? What thoughts, dreams and fears do people have at different stages? How do people benefit from transitions?

A Harvard spouse, Anna, has designed this questionnaire to find out more about the situation of people at different stages of the transition: before they come to the U.S., while they are here and after they go back.

The results will increase the understanding of the needs people have at different stages of the transition process and how they benefit from it.

If you have gone through the transition of moving from your home country to U.S., please take some time to fill out the questionnaire. All information is treated confidentially. It will take you some time to fill it but it is going to help people in similar situation in which you are. The findings will be shared with the readers.

If you arrived in the U.S. within the last six months: Please use the following link:

If your arrival lies more than six months in the past: Please use the following link:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Anna at:

Thank you very much! Your help is highly appreciated!

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