Beware of fraudulent consultants to get a job

Few visa statuses don’t allow their dependents to work in USA like F1 and H1B etc. Dependents who accompany their spouses are well educated and ambitious but unfortunately their status don’t allow them to work. The only option left with them is to find out the employer who can apply and sponsor their H1B visa. Lot of search, hard work and efforts are required to find out the legitimate companies who can sponsor the H1B visa. But during your search beware of fraudulent consultants as there are many of them in market try to lure the people desperately looking for job.

They promise to offer good package and also ask them to take three months training suited to the profile.  In the training program they don’t teach anything relevant but handover study material and ask them to study on their own to clear the interview. After the training program they prepare the candidate for the interview questions and make fake resume with 6-7 years of false experience in the field for which candidate have zero experience. Then they market the candidate with their clients and after the candidate is placed, they pay less salary to the candidate and take maximum cut for themselves. There are many such consultancies prevailing in USA.

It is advised not to fall in the trap of these consultancies as there is a chance of you being caught in the immigration check. It happened with one of the employee of a fraudulent consultant. On 29th December 2012, he was caught during the Immigration check at the port of entry of Chicago. He was asked to submit his i20, OPT Card, employer’s address and offer letter. After verification he was asked to go through the secondary immigration check.  In second immigration check he was asked to provide his resume.

Since his employer (consulting firm) added few years of extra experience to place him in a job, he avoided giving his resume and informed the officer that he don’t have a copy of it.  To his surprise, the officer cross verifying him took out a resume with the fake experience from his desk and was asked to verify if it was his.  He simply said it is not his so officer asked him if he was carrying a laptop and he said yes. He found his resume matching the same which officer was had. The officer then searched his LinkedIn profile on the web, and pointed to his profile. It had real profile of him. It consisted of his master’s degree study which was not included in his resume and there was no mention of fake experience in his LinkedIn profile.

The officer at the Port of Entry then called his consultant to verify the information but his consultant said they don’t know anything about the fake experience in his resume. It was the consultant which included the fake resume but in order to save their company from getting back listed they simply denied his employment. The officer cancelled his visa and then he was deported back to India.

There are also some fake consultancies that charge for the training program and fee to sponsor H1B visa but never place the candidate. So, be careful to avoid fraud.  You should verify about their authenticity and good will before committing to them. It is advised to look for the list of H1B debarred companies to ensure you are in safe hand.

There are still some good consulting companies that can help you get H1B visa. You will have to do lot of research and through analysis regarding the company and look for someone in the company whom you know personally or any of your network friends know to avoid fraud.  It is advised to do your due diligence before you ask them to sponsor your H1B visa.

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