Job Sites

The first step into the job search process is preparing your resume and putting it up on various job sites. It is an important step as it is the first connection between you and your potential employer. It gives the employers an access to your profile. Every country has some job sites which are very famous, successful and first choice of most employers. The top job sites in US are given below: (for Technology Professionals)

You can also look for the government jobs in USA at this site:

If you have uploaded your resume to these sites and are applying to various jobs but are still not hearing back, please check if you have provided all the required information like contact number and email. These websites send you emails on the missing information in your profile which might be restricting the employers in contacting you. Keep filling those missing information to bridge the gap and increasing your chances of hearing back from the employers.

Finding a job can be a lengthy process and may take time. Make sure that you are updating your resume on a regular basis (at least every month) to ensure that it appears in the search.

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