Finding the right company for you

If you have uploaded your resume on various job portals and are getting calls from various companies for job interviews but things get stuck on the visa status, then you have come to the right place and should read further.

Not every company which has a job opening is willing to sponsor Visa to fill the vacancy. In order to be successful in job hunt, the right companies need to be targeted. Now the question is how to know which company is the right one? The companies which have sponsored working visa for similar job in the past can do it again for you and hence could be a better target Even if they have sponsored the visa for different jobs profile, you can still contact them as at least you know that those companies have the setup required for sponsoring visa. There is high probability that If they like your profile, they may sponsor your visa, even if they have not done it in the past for the profile similar to you.

Here area fewwebsites which can help you finding the right company to apply to as they give you the list of companies who have sponsored visas in the past.

You can search for the company on the basis of work city, work state, occupation group and visa status. After you get the list of companies, you can go to their website and apply if they have any job openings. Even if there are no job opening you can submit your resume through their websites. This way has a higher probability of success as compared to randomly sending your resume to hundred companies.

Taking the right step is important but it’s also important to take it in the right direction. All the Best!

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