Public Libraries

You have arrived in a new country and have left your job, lifestyle, friends and family behind. Basically you have left all the social life around you. And here you are in a country which seems welcoming but it looks different both culturally and socially. You are finding it difficult to make new friends. You may feel apprehensive of going to the next door house and knocking at the door as you are unsure if it is acceptable in this country? And, you are bored of your monotonous life.

But, there are many ways to utilize your time wisely. And, one among them is public libraries. Are you aware that there are more than 16,000 public libraries in USA. You can enroll in these libraries easily as they have free memberships. They contain books on numerous topics and have many other interesting things apart from books, like journals, magazines, newspapers, cds. Public libraries are a good source of gaining knowledge, utilizing the time, and making friends. On monthly basis, there are many events conducted at the libraries. Public libraries also have classes and programs on various topics like english language, learning computers, etc.

Public libraries cater to the informational demands of people of all ages. Most of the times, you will find a local public library of your city at a walking distance or easily approachable by bus. One may think that in the age of internet, e-books and mobile technology nobody goes to the libraries anymore. However, this is not true as libraries are an affordable source of books. According to a survey, only about 28% of adults have read an e-book. Still most of the community depends on the printed books and libraries are a good resource for them.

The public libraries of today are becoming modern in respect of technology. If you do not have a laptop, you can use the ones available at a library for the use of general public. Through the website of the library, you can order your books for pickup, check the availability, renew the books, and check for the upcoming events.

Public libraries try to help you in whatever way they can. If a book is not available in the library, they check at the nearby libraries to see if it is available and you need not go to the other library to pick it up, they will get it for you at your library.

If you have kids, public libraries are a great way of getting books for your kids, letting them play in the play area and making friends with other mother. You might find another mom who is also trying to get a job and you can form a group in which you can help each other in interview preparations etc.

Remember libraries are not only about gaining knowledge but it’s also about making connections.

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