When we move to a new country, we feel desolated and desire for company of others. But, often we hesitate to come out and network/socialize with new people. Mostly we want to be with people who have common interests, share same passion, views and values. Many times we don’t know from where to start and remain stuck in four walls of the room.

There is an online networking site where people can find and join the group of their common interest, such as hobbies, career, business, politics, health, movies, jobs etc. and then they meet offline through meet up. It is very simple to use. All you have to do is to enter the postal code of your city and the topic you want to discuss with the group. The organizers of the group arrange the time and venue for meet ups. Some groups are very active and some are not.

If you are unsure of the group, you can choose the group listed after entering your location. If there isn’t any group that interests you in the site then you can start group of your interest too. You need to choose the location, the group’s name and a short description what a group is all about. You can also specify certain rules for your newly formed group. And, then like the facebook page of meetup and post about your newly formed group there. If you have a twitter account, you can also tweet about it. This way you can reach out to the most people to join your group. It will also show your leadership skills through your ability to organize and lead the meeting.

Finding a venue to hold your event can be the most difficult part. You can decide the place for offline meeting in conference room, restaurant, parks etc. You can also take the help of to decide the place for offline meeting. This website helps their customers to find and book meeting and events spaces. You can book a meeting place directly online by, without contacting any officials for booking your venue.

Meet up group helps to network with likeminded people and professionals of your area. Just because you are out of job, or not working doesn’t mean you can’t network with the people who have the one. It is important to build a network of professionals of your field as they are helpful resources in job search. You find out about the opportunities.

It’s certainly a great site to see what might be available in your area, and perhaps organize a Meetup group of your interest yourself.

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