Mrunalini Gadewadikar’s Story

MrunaliniHello, my name is Mrunalini Gadewadikar. When I recall my story about how I got a job in United States, I find it quite interesting. My husband was a student in US and after marriage I moved to United States on a dependent Visa status. This visa did not allow me to work or pursue higher studies because of which I was at home most of the time. In the beginning, I enjoyed living in this country but soon it turned into boredom. So, I decided to do something worth with my career. I started from scratch, achieving one thing at a time. I first prepared for TOEFL entrance exams and then GRE. Initially, preparation for these tests required much effort but gradually I started working hard and was able to clear all the exams. It took me one year to get admission in a Master’s program at a University. The time spent at the University was very memorable for me. I enjoyed my time making new friends and gaining new experiences.

During those days, my husband could spend little time at home as he was very busy with his office work. So, I also started getting more involved in the University as a student. When I got my F-1 Visa, I started working on campus to gain some experience and it did help in getting some cash into my pocket. I was independent again and felt like a new self. In the last semester of my two-year Master’s program I got an internship. That was one of the best experiences for me as now I could work in the United States and learn their work culture. But soon my F1 visa expired and I was on OPT status. I did not get the job when I was on OPT and it was very disappointing for me. I was on H-4 visa again as I could not find any job during my OPT so I had to look for job all over again with my new visa status. But I did not lose hope and applied in all possible directions to get the interview call.

After one and half years, I did receive an interview call from a small university. I passed through all phases of interview and was offered the appointment letter. They sponsored my H1B and I officially started working. I was really happy and confident. From that day till today I am working and during this journey I was also blessed with a baby boy and my employer supported me during my pregnancy. Now my son has started going to day care and I am working again.

My advice to all the readers sailing in the same boat is to not hesitate in taking risks. Try all the possible options and one day your efforts will pay off. My route was pretty long but today when I look back, it was worth it.

Mrunalini Gadewadikar

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