Quora: A better addiction

A scenario: You are on a dependent visa in US and your New Year resolution is to find a job with visa sponsor ship, or it is to crack the GMAT so that you can get into your dream University. Each day you make a to-do list so that your day goes as planned, however you open your laptop to do the first task and notice that a friend has sent you a message on Facebook. You reply to that friend and two hours later you realize that you are still on Facebook.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Though we all love these social networking sites, but we agree that these are highly addictive and if we want to achieve our goals we have to avoid wasting too much time on them. However, one cannot work for long without breaks and we tend to open sites, which are not informative and in turn waste our time.

We want to introduce our readers to Quora, an awakening and informative website. It is a question and answer website where the community of users ask questions and provide answers. The concept of Quora relies on user-generated content and it has gained popularity among experts in numerous fields. It is different from yahoo answers or other question and answers based websites as it focuses on intelligent answers from experts who are actually knowledgeable in their field.

It has a voting option and the answers that are more useful and informative are voted up by the users. This voting system keeps the best answers visible and puts the best answers first. It has also helped to cut down useless questions and answers.

One can find answers to questions, which do not have answers on search engines (e.g. google search). People login with their Facebook, twitter account which give their answers more authenticity. Many CEOs of various companies are on Quora and they give answers to questions asked about their companies. Even President Barack Obama is on Quora and has connected with people while answering questions on his health care agenda.

Quora is a very intellectual experience. People share what they have learned from their experience and also their opinions. The site has more that 500K topics on which people have asked millions of questions. The site gets more than hundreds of millions of views per month.

People like Quora more than Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites. Most of the social networking sites are fun based but Quora is different as it has tons of great content and useful stuff. You want a job in a particular company; ask the question on Quora on how to get into it. You want to get admission into a particular University; ask the question on Quora on how to crack the admission process. You will get advice on all these topics from experienced professionals who are willing to share solutions that really work.

Quora is also highly addictive but it’s a better addiction as compared to other social networking sites. It entertains as well while supplying quality information. We believe it also motivates you in a way. It gets you connected to the people who have achieved something in life. That is definitely a good motivation to pursue your goals.

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