Sweta Jaiswal’s Story


The idea of living in the United States was very fascinating and exciting for me. When my husband got an opportunity to work here in 2011, I didn’t give a second thought to the move. We had completed an year of marriage and we moved to California, leaving behind my career and social life in India.

After coming to US, I started enjoying my stay. The impressive traffic rules, random people greeting you on the road and beautiful weather were few reasons to fall in love with the place. Although our initial plan was to move back to India after couple of years, but I liked this place so much that my heart desired to stay longer.

I was on an H4 visa so couldn’t apply for jobs. But I took it in a very positive way. I think, being on H4 visa gave me more time to explore places like library, parks and roaming on local trains and buses. The rule of not being allowed to work on H4 visa was not a “curse” for me. After all it was our mutual decision to move to the US knowing all the consequences for my career. For couple of years , we travelled places like Hawaii, Alaska etc. not leaving behind a single long weekend. After enjoying my stay in US for a while, I started thinking about my career. I wanted to get a job and had never thought of studying. But getting a job without having US education looked difficult. We all know life is not an apple-pie and to get something we have to give something. So, I started looking into various schools and their different programs.

After some struggle and frustration, I got admission into a Business & Management program from UCSC-Extension. After getting the admission, I applied for F1 visa. I enjoyed studying in US as I felt that the education system is more advanced and well organized here. I applied for OPT on F1 visa. OPT means Optional Practical Training and on OPT you can work for a company to get practical training. Though F1-OPT gave me the opportunity to restart my career, but it was not easy to get a job in Silicon Valley as I had no software background. But, with a positive attitude and full enthusiasm I kept looking for jobs everyday and gave my best. Eventually I got a job in a mortgage bank. I was delighted as my efforts finally paid off. Now, I have completed four years in US, my heart is full of love and I have no regrets of anything.

Sweta Jaiswal

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