Success Stories

Whether you are working towards getting a job in US or pursuing further studies, wouldn’t it be great if you could hear to the stories of spouses who were once sailing in the same boat. Here, we have published the real stories of persons who were on a dependent visa in US and who worked hard to get a job , pursue education or have utilized their time in developing skills.

You might see some contradicting comments by various spouses in their stories. It shows that different things have worked for different people and you need to keep putting effort in all possible directions as you never know which one is going to work for you.

We hope these stories motivate you to pursue your dream with more passion. Many spouses on dependent visa feel depressed during this phase because of which they distance themselves from achieving their goals. Through these stories we want to tell you that you are not alone and many people have gone through this tough phase and have come out of it with flying colors.

Job Success Stories

Sweta Jaiswal’s Story

Mrunalini Gadewadikar’s Story

Mishika Soni’s Story

Ramya Nagaraja’s Story

Richa Goel’s Story

Education Success Stories

Shruti Sachdeva’s Story

Sneha Rajendran’s Story

Nidhi Mittal’s Story

Ritika Sharma’s Story

Leah Grace C’s Story

Manali V. Yadav’s Story

Skill Development Stories

Anita Satyajit’s Story

Mansi Jindal’s Story

Daiana Stolf’s Story

Aishwarya’s Story

Prerna Dublish’s Story

We are extremely thankful to all the spouses who have taken time and effort in writing their stories and sharing them with us. We could not have done it without their support.

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